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The Chuckle of a Halloween Fancy Dress Costume

Some love Christmas, others New Year. Some may well have a soft spot for Thanksgiving or Diwali, depending on their country of origin. Me? I have a special place in my heart for the night on which the spirits come out Halloween. Stitched together from the seemingly incongruous traditions of Rome, Celtic Britain, the religious and the secular, it is All Hallows’ Eve which fills me with more excitement than any other night of the year. As October 31st lumbers ever closer like some kind of deranged Frankenstein’s monster, I mark off the dates on my calendar with a growing sense of anticipation.

Perhaps it’s because my mischievous side enjoys the pranks and tomfoolery; maybe it’s because I love bobbing for those apples; or maybe it’s just because I enjoy a good excuse to imbibe those aforementioned spirits. The truth though is that Halloween is the one night of the year when everyone has the chance to become someone else. It’s chance to dress up, to take on a new identity, to change your whole personality, all with the aid of a little Halloween fancy dress costumes.

The fun of dressing up is only part of it. Before the big night, I love searching for great fancy dress ideas as I manically chuckle with glee at the prospect of each incongruous outfit. Okay, perhaps not manically, but I certainly enjoy a chuckle.

This year I think I’ll go for something with a little more charisma. Perhaps I could try a Han Solo costume, or an Indiana Jones costume. Those of you who also like the idea of a Harrison Ford-themed costume could perhaps try on a Sergeant Joe Gavilan outfit for size, the character made memorable in the 2003 movie Hollywood Homicide (co-starring Josh Hartnett). What there’s no Joe Gavilan costume? Who’d have thought it?

It’s no secret however that when it comes to fancy dress, it’s the women’s costumes which are the most eye-popping. Last year my partner outdid even me as she got herself two super sexy outfits. The first was as a fabulous gangster lady, the other one has to remain completely private as she made me promise.

A woman has to make up her own mind, but I’ve already found a few fun ideas for women this year, including a ‘Fly Me Air Hostess fancy dress’ which I think my other half would simply adore. She’s always entertained notions of travelling around the world on passenger jets so this could be just the ticket. I’ve got it bookmarked so that when she asks, ‘Where can I get a great new outfit for Halloween?’ I’ll be prepared to unleash my suggestion and see how it flies against the competition of Snow White, the Queen of Hearts and Supergirl.

Looking at all these cute and flirty dresses it does make you ask the question: why should women be the only ones to wear sexy Halloween costumes? In the end I may just get that Pilot uniform and be done with. Finally, I can take on a role that I’ll truly relish. Now, if you’d like to follow me to the front of the aircraft perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of my cockpit.…

Cosmetic Procedures in Brazil

Many people think of body sculpture as an American interest. In truth, it is world wide as seen when discussing cosmetic procedures in Brazil.

Cosmetic Procedures in Brazil

Cosmetic surgery phenomenon is that is sweeping the world. If you are unhappy with the way your face or body looks, its now easy to obtain surgery to correct your problem areas. With techniques ranging from using injections to plump up areas to dramatic surgeries to remove entire sections of skin and fat, cosmetic modification can be called one of the fastest growing industries today. In fact, getting cosmetic surgery done has become so popular that some patients have started scheduling their procedures in different countries. They can benefit from cheaper rates and also combine their surgery with a vacation.

For example, we can look at Brazil. While many people think of Rio de Janeiro and Carnival when they think about Brazil, there are also other reasons to go to this country. Brazil is home to some of the worlds most accomplished surgeons, and having your cosmetic procedures in Brazil can be an interesting vacation experience. Travel agents who specialize in these cosmetic vacations are happy to set everything up for your trip, including both the relaxing aspects and surgery portions of your vacation.

When searching for a travel agent to set up your treatment vacation, or for a surgeon yourself, be sure to find out as much as you can before getting on the plane. Often, surgeons and hospitals in other parts of the world are credentialed differently, and may not have to pass the rigorous inspections that those in the United States have to pass. Most reputable doctors and services will be happy to present you with information about your surgeons experience and degrees.

Cosmetic procedures in Brazil are an especially good choice, as there are over 3,500 members of the Brazilian Society of Cosmetic Surgery, and each of them must pass strict requirements. Most of the surgeries in Brazil take place in Rio de Janeiro. Most often the surgeon will speak English (if not, translators are available). This city is also considered a safe place for your vacation and recovery after surgery as long as you stick to the areas specified. Hey, ever city has its bad areas.

Choosing to have a cosmetic procedure in Brazil is a great option for those people who would like to combine the experience of cosmetic surgery with a trip to a beautiful resort area. Travel agents and other services who deal with these sorts of trips are available and able to help you make the proper choices of doctors and where to stay. Just be sure to obtain plenty of information about your doctor and procedure before you consent to having it performed, and youll have a great time!…